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I'm not going to lie - I write urban fantasy, paranormal and mysteries with shades of cosy mystery and even horror.
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NEWS: My debut novel, The Strange Brew, is available now!

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Sometimes ignoring the dead isn’t enough.Dora Hermansen runs a small-town cafe with her husband. Life is ordinary, exactly how she wants it. Aside from sensing ghosts, that is.Ignoring the dead had been working for her. But with a death in Deepwell, a town with secrets, she has to question. Is her PTSD flaring up again, or are the life-challenged stirring?Soon someone she cares for is in peril and, when all seems resolved, Dora might still be smack bang in the middle of a dangerous mystery.

Fresh and creepy, The Strange Brew is an urban fantasy with an Australian flavour. Through a relatable main character with a tragic backstory, strong themes are explored gently. The Strange Brew delivers suspense and scares while stopping short of horror.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars from Ron
An excellent paranormal mystery - thriller … well written, well-paced and a wonderful story. Dora and Sayed run a small-town cafe and want a normal life, but Dora is a sensitive and has ghostly visions of dead people. Their lives are thrown into turmoil when danger comes visiting with the 'ghosts'. The novel has aspects of happiness, humour, sadness, secrets, and surprises that successfully bind the story together. There is also an overall feeling of healthy support in a small community. A very enjoyable novel worthy of five stars.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars from Kirsty
What a brilliant book! I don’t read that many paranormal mystery books like this but I think I might need to start! This book was amazing! Everything was so cleverly thought out and the plot twists were exceptional! The writing was so good and I was genuinely terrified so many times! I never saw what was coming next and it kept me gripped the whole way throughout. The epitome of the perfect paranormal, mystery, thriller. Absolutely loved it! Would highly recommend!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars from Kathryn
This was a well done mystery novel, I was invested in what was going on and enjoyed the tense atmosphere going on. The plot was really well done and it had a great blend of mystery and scifi elements, I enjoyed what was going on in this book. The characters were what I wanted and I really enjoyed getting to know them. I hope there is more in this universe.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars from Andrea
Well I loved this book. It was quirky and well written and a great relaxing read. I love a cafe. I love a bit of spookiness. I love requited love. Full marks.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars from Brenda
Dora Hermansen and her husband Sayad, owned and ran The Brew, a local cafe beside their apartment. Dora was loving her life with Sayad after the trauma of her last relationship, and she was grateful Troy was now in jail. But after a local man died from a heart attack, Dora's ability to sense ghosts came to the fore and she realised the man needed her help. But worse was to come when she learned her previous partner was dead, murdered - the evil she was feeling, was that the local's death or something far worse?
The Strange Brew is the debut novel by Aussie author M.N. Cox and it was nothing like I've ever read before! I don't generally read horror, but I would class The Strange Brew as paranormal horror. It was intriguing, terrifying, fascinating and gut wrenching! I found myself gripped by the pages, while shuddering at what was happening. A great debut which would be perfect for a select group of readers. Recommended to fans of the genre.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars from Anna Maria
An original and well plotted paranormal mystery that kept me hooked and guessing.
I appreciated the unusual setting, the world building, and the fleshed out characters.
The mystery is solid and ful of twists.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars from Cathy
Excellent debut novel – creepy cozy mystery that bodes well for this author.
What I liked:
- Dora :business owner, survivor of abusive relationship, happily married to Sayed, sees ghosts, associates some ghostly appearances with odors, has avoided her abilities, grows in this story, look forward to finding out what happens in her future
- Sayed: business owner, calm, supportive, loving, kind, married to Dora, strong family ties, has a scary event to contend with in this book, survivor, good friend
- The healthy relationship that Dora and Syed share
- The supporting characters
- The small town setting
- The plot, pace, and writing
- The paranormal elements
- The mysteries solved
- The twists, turns, and surprises
- The conclusion that indicates there will be another book to look forward to
What I didn’t like:
- Who and what I was meant not to like
- Having to wait to find out what will happen next.


The Strange Brew (hard back + postage in Australia) $42.99

The Strange Brew (paperback + postage in Australia) $29.99


BioM. N. Cox writes urban fantasy, paranormal and mystery stories with shades of cosy mystery and even horror. She’s interested in small towns, psychology, and exploring monsters in safety.The mother of three grown kids, when not writing she is found painting, reading, and listening to records and the local birds.A Queensland native, M. N. Cox lives and writes happily and quietly tucked away in the Noosa Hinterland.

Hi! I’m the author, M. N. Cox. Here are nine facts about me…just for fun. 🙂

  • I began writing memoir but later switched to fiction.

  • I read widely but my favourite books are ones that hit a sweet spot – with enough excitement to keep me reading, but not so much I feel like I need counselling afterwards. 😉

  • My education is in Psychological Science.

  • My gorgeous kids are all grown. 💗

  • I have suffered from migraine since I was a teenager. (Boo!)

  • I don’t get bored. I always have something to do. (Yay!)

  • I had a hippie upbringing in South East Queensland. 🌈

  • When I’m not writing, I paint and listen to music.

  • I’m obsessed with the TV series True Blood (and the books on which it was based).🩸 Charlaine Harris’ ‘Sookie Stackhouse’ series has been an inspiration to me.

Thank you so much for stopping by,M 😊✌🏻


Noosa Hinterland, Queensland, AustraliaGubbi Gubbi country